Is there such a thing as right or wrong?

I love science fiction and if cryogenics really worked, I would be stepping in to that  freezer with instructions to be defrosted when space travel was a thing and I could sign up to join Starfleet.   As far as I am concerned technology is a wonder that should be embraced in all its forms. So why is it that the thought of using quilter’s tape to attach a zip used to fill me with such horror?

Growing up I was very much a black or white thinker.  Things were right or they were wrong, no such thing as grey, and it was my goal to learn the “correct” way to sew.  Up until very recently I would follow every single pattern instruction to the letter and the thought of a short cut or getting a bit of assistance from a piece of quilters tape, could not be further from my thoughts.  But recently I started to question my stubbornness to stick to the rules and started to rebel.  I was finding that the pattern instructions were not always the best way to sew a garment and maybe if I did it another way/in a different order/in a different fabric, it would not only still be good but may in fact be better.  This rebellious streak has worked well for me on most occasions but, has also caused me some issues (as Sewing Bee fans may remember my – why use old shirts when a beautiful embroidered quilt cover would look so much better – moment).  

Pattern instructions come in varied formats.

Not following the rules and going with your gut is a hard thing to do to start with.  Even if you are a confident sewer, you may still not have the courage to do, what is in principle, argue with the designer, who, by virtue of them being the designer, must be more accomplished then you in all aspects of sewing.  But that may not be the case.  This is your garment and who is to say that the way you want to sew it is wrong. It is lovely to be given a starting point but what is stopping you exploring your options from there.  Who knows what you will discover.  If it doesn’t work out, a lesson has been learnt which may help you on future projects, so you have not wasted your time.   

Rules and regulations, being either right or wrong, have a way of putting people off trying.  Some people just cannot or do not want to work under that pressure and why should they.  All the creative arts are about enjoyment in the process and if the results are appreciated by others then that’s a great big fat bonus.  I hope that my involvement in the sewing world, both through the Bee and social media, is seen as encouraging others to have a go and try out this amazing craft.  The friendship and support from being a part of the sewing community is brilliant.  Add to that the act of sewing itself and I cannot imagine more contentment and joy, even if I was sitting on the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise.

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